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President Trump says the "phony investigations" into his campaign must end before he will take part in any infrastructure deal. Trump was set to meet with Congressional Democratic leaders for a follow-up meeting on infrastructure. Trump said he told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer he cannot do an infrastructure deal until the investigations end. Trump said he was surprised to hear Pelosi held a meeting about impeaching him with Dems earlier this morning.        House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says today's short White House meeting with President Trump was "very, very, very strange." During a forum in DC, Pelosi suggested that she's not surprised by anything that Trump does. Pelosi doubled-down and also said Trump has been obstructing justice "in plain view." . At least three people have died as a result of severe weather hammering a large portion of the country. The storm system brought rain, flooding, hail and dozens of tornadoes, killing at least two in Missouri and one in Oklahoma. Officials say there are around 28-million people in the path of the storms as they continue today.        A major migrant processing center in south Texas is closed after a Guatemalan teenager died during a flu outbreak on Monday. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday it stopped detaining migrants at the center in McAllen after a large number of people came down with flu-like symptoms.        A new study has found credit and debit cards contain more germs than a train station urinal. A test conducted by financial services marketplace LendEDU tested cards, cash and a variety of common items. They found that the cards tended to be dirtier than cash and a urinal. The group recommends using hand sanitizer or using your smartphone to pay for things when possible.        Beverly Hills could become the first city in the country to ban tobacco sales. The city council voted last night to ban the products, but another vote is needed to make it official, and there's one major exception. Some high powered cigar lovers, including former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger convinced officials to spare cigars and a few swanky cigar lounges.