Hours after the Supreme Court rejected a challenge on a five-to-four vote, a former white supremacist is the first person executed by the federal government since 2003. Daniel Lewis Lee was killed by lethal injection for the 1996 murder of an Arkansas family of three. He is the first of three death row inmates the federal government plans to execute this week.       President Trump is railing against the news media again. Trump tweeted that it would be "great if the Media would get the word out to the people in a 'fair and balanced' way." Trump also called the news media a far more difficult adversary than what he called "Radical Left Do Nothing" Democrats.       California is rolling back its reopening process in light of a continuing rise in COVID-19 cases. More than 329-thousand Californians have now tested positive for the coronavirus, and the state's death toll has passed seven-thousand. Based on the quickly rising numbers, Governor Gavin Newsom is ordering most indoor operations to be closed across the state.       The woman accused of helping bury the body of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen is in court today and it'll be determined whether she'll be released on bail. Cecily Aguilar will make an appearance in federal court in Waco, Texas, and Guillen's family will be there, too. Guillen was reported missing in April, and her body was discovered earlier this month. The murder suspect, who was also serving at Fort Hood, committed suicide when confronted by the cops.       One police officer is dead and another is hospitalized following a brief car chase and shooting north of Seattle. Bothell Police say the officers were performing a traffic stop just after 9:30 last night when the driver took off, leading the officers on a brief pursuit. The suspect then allegedly got out of his car and opened fire on the officers while fleeing on foot. One officer was killed and the other is in satisfactory condition.       After its debut on Disney Plus on July 3rd, the original cast soundtrack of "Hamilton" has soared to the number two spot on the Billboard Top 200 Chart. That makes it the highest charting musical album since "Hair" back in 1969. "Hamilton" also has been on the chart consecutively since its debut at number twelve back in October of 2015.