Mugshot of Paul Raposo


At approximately 8:15 AM this morning Woonsocket Police responded to 408 Cass Avenue 1st floor right apartment for a sudden death. Family members had gone to that location to check on the well-being of Derek Desjardin, age 30. Desjardin was a resident of that apartment who had failed to report for work.

Upon arrival police determined the victim to be deceased and evidence at the scene indicated that the deceased was possibly the victim of a homicide. Woonsocket Detectives and representatives of the RI Medical Examiner’s Office responded and processed the scene and examined the victim.  It was determined that Desjardin was the victim of a homicide and died as a result of gunshot wounds. The victim was taken to the RI Medical Examiner’s Office for further examination and an autopsy.  

At approximately 10:15 AM Woonsocket Police Officers located a Paul R. Raposo age 26 at River Island Park in Woonsocket. Raposo is a roommate of Derek Desjardin with whom he resided at 408 Cass Avenue and was a person of interest regarding the death investigation of Desjardin. Raposo was taken into custody without incident. At the time of his arrest he was found to be in possession of a loaded 9mm pistol.

As a result of this investigation Paul R. Raposo was charged with the following criminal offenses:


Domestic Murder


Discharge of a firearm when committing a crime of violence with death resulting


License or permit required for carrying a pistol


Discharging a firearm within City limits

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