This is an E-Update for the meeting: City Council Special Meeting - Sep 29 2020
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The Federal Reserve is leaving interest rates at their historic lows. The central bank met and did not make any major changes to the policy they have pursued to steer the nation out of economic trouble caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Economists will be closely watching Chairman Jerome Powell's news conference this hour to look for signs the policy may change soon.       Lawmakers have an agreement on a bipartisan infrastructure deal. A group of Republican and Democratic senators have been working for weeks to come to an agreement on upgrading the nation's infrastructure. Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman said they have worked out what he called the "major issues" and added the bill is paid for.       House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being pressed about calling Republican leader Kevin McCarthy a "moron." After she made that comment, Pelosi said McCarthy's remarks about the renewed House mask mandate were "not wise." The move to reimpose the mask mandate in the House was made by the Capitol physician, which McCarthy said was "not based on science."       Three House Republicans fined for not wearing masks on the House floor are taking Speaker Nancy Pelosi to court. Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Thomas Massie, and Ralph Norman are suing the California Democrat. This comes after the House Ethics Committee upheld the fines against multiple Republicans.       Boeing is reporting its first quarterly profit in nearly two years. A surge in deliveries of commercial jetliners lifted Boeing's second quarter profit to 567-million dollars. That follows a loss of close to three-billion dollars in the first quarter.        Utah's liquor control agency is limiting the amount of Patron tequila that customers can buy. The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control says there's currently a nationwide shortage of the brand due to limited supplies of agave. The department is limiting bars and restaurants to two bottles of Patron per purchase until further notice.