Hello everyone, 


As many of you know, Governor Raimondo has been selected to serve as Commerce Secretary in the Biden Administration. I want to congratulate her and thank her for her leadership and service to our state. 


As the transition begins, I want Rhode Islanders to know that we’re all going to work together. We will be laser-focused on the COVID-19 response and vaccine rollout, and we will come out of this crisis stronger than we went in. 


This is a critically important time for our state and nation. 


Our frontline health care workers – our nurses, doctors, and hospital staff – are giving their all to save lives and fight against this virus. Thousands of families are working hard to make ends meet. Small businesses are being challenged like they have never been challenged before – and I will do everything I can to help them survive and prosper. Parents are concerned about their children’s education and our heroic teachers are doing incredible work overcoming unprecedented obstacles. And everyone is wondering when will a vaccine finally reach them. 


As a lifelong Rhode Islander – a former mayor, small business owner, and state official – I want you to know that our transition process will be seamless, particularly when it comes to the pandemic response and vaccine rollout.


I’m communicating with our health officials and have spoken to Speaker Shekarchi and Senate President Ruggerio. As I have in the past, I will continue to work with all our municipal leaders to ensure their voices are heard at the state level. 


We’re going to be a government that listens and works with our partners in all 39 cities and towns. Because we all have the same goal – to build a stronger future for the people of the State of Rhode Island. 


I look forward to working together to earn your trust – and confidence – in the days and months ahead.


In 2021, let’s stay positive and test negative. Thank you very much.

Several children are fighting to survive what's being described as a horrifying crash in California. They were among 25 people crammed in an SUV. Police say the driver went straight into the path of semi truck just miles from the Mexico border.       The Navy is mourning a 26-year-old serviceman killed in a convoy crash today in San Diego County. Five military trucks were traveling on a freeway near Camp Pendleton when one slowed down. That caused a chain reaction collision, injuring five other sailors.        President Biden is promising there will be enough coronavirus vaccine shots for everyone by the end of May. That's two months sooner than expected. He says it's thanks to Merck teaming up to make more of Johnson and Johnson's new vaccine.        Two states are ending all coronavirus restrictions despite warnings from federal health officials to stay vigilant. For Mississippi, it starts tomorrow. Masks will no longer be required and all businesses can reopen at full capacity. Texas will do the same as of next Wednesday.       Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell feels the tide is turning in the coronavirus battle. He says it's a chance for a bipartisan approach in the next stimulus bill. But Democrats are moving ahead on their own, with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stressing bold action is required.        Stocks are down today after the furious rally just 24 hours ago. At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average sank 144 to 31-391. The S&P 500 was off 32 to 38-70, and the Nasdaq lost 230 to finish at 13-359.