Statement sent from numerous representatives to Governor McKee


Tuesday, September 7, 2021


Dear Governor Daniel J. McKee:


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic of the last 18 months, those professionals that were society’s first line of defense against the virus—among the many, our nurses, doctors, CNAs, police, fire, emergency personnel—were lauded as “heroes” and “saviors” during this historic time of crisis.  Undaunted and unvaccinated, these individuals performed their daily duties at great personal risk to keep the rest of us healthy and the rest of us safe.  


However, now some of those same “heroes” and “saviors” are facing the loss of employment due to state executive orders mandating COVID- 19 vaccinations prior to October 1st.  While we strongly urge all adults to get vaccinated, we also believe none of our “heroes” should be in the unemployment line should they make the personal decision to decline vaccination.


We, the undersigned members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, are respectfully calling upon Governor Daniel McKee to amend the October 1st deadline for termination of employment for those licensed professionals choosing not to be vaccinated, and to direct the Rhode Island Department of Health to develop appropriate guidelines for those individuals to retain their employment while maintaining the public health.


If appropriate governmental action is not taken within the given time frame to protect these workers’ jobs, we respectfully request Speaker Shekarchi to reconvene the Rhode Island House of Representatives, in concert with the Rhode Island Senate, to address this extreme and unjust mandate, and, moreover, to set parameters for any future state, municipal, and private sector mandates concerning the commerce of daily life in the era of COVID-19.


Representative Arthur J. Corvese


Representative Thomas E. Noret


Representative Julie A. Casimiro


Representative Patricia A. Serpa 


Representative Deborah A. Felella


Representative Charlene Lima


Representative Gregory J. Costantino


Representative Steven M. Casey


Representative Carlos E. Tobon


Representative Grace Diaz


Representative Anastasia P. Williams


Representative Camille Vella-Wilkinson


Representative Robert D. Phillips


Representative William W. O’Brien


Representative Robert E. Craven Sr.


Representative Edward T. Cardillo Jr.


Representative Bernard A. Hawkins


Representative Mary Duffy Messier


Representative Samuel A. Azzinaro


Representative Steven J. Lima


Representative Ramon A. Perez


Representative James N. McLaughlin


Representative Nathan W. Biah


Representative Raymond A. Hull


Minority Leader Blake A. Filippi


Representative Brian C. Newberry


Representative Michael W. Chippendale


Representative David J. Place


Representative Robert J. Quattrocchi


Representative Sherry Roberts


Representative George A. Nardone


Representative Patricia L. Morgan


Representative Justin Price



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