Rep. McEntee’s bill extending outdoor dining at restaurants passes House


            STATE HOUSE – The House of Representatives today passed Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee’s (D-Dist. 33, South Kingstown, Narragansett) bill which extends the law that allows restaurants to continue approved outdoor dining.

            “The Take It Outside campaign helped so many of our restaurants get through the uncertainty and financial hardships of the pandemic and it has been embraced and enjoyed by the public immensely.  Now that the program has proven to be very successful, it makes sense to keep allowing this type of dining experience, especially since our local small businesses invested so much money to take advantage of the opportunity.  This bill will further enhance our world-renown culinary community for our residents and visitors alike while also supporting our incredible restaurants and eateries,” said Representative McEntee.

            The legislation (2023-H 5264A) would extend the moratorium imposed on the enforcement of statutes, regulations or ordinances by municipalities or state agencies regarding food service establishment alterations or modifications made in order to comply with the emergency declaration(s) issued as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to February 15, 2024.  The previous moratorium was scheduled to end on April 1, 2023.

            “I am also working on legislation that will facilitate a permanent solution for restaurants that have invested in the take it outside dining program. I am consulting with all stakeholders such as the League of Cities and Towns, the Hospitality Association and our restaurant owners to come up with a permanent solution that addresses everyone’s concerns,” added Representative McEntee.

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration where Sen. Alana M. DiMario (D-Dist. 36, Narragansett, North Kingstown, New Shoreham) has introduced similar legislation (2023-S 0300).


President Biden says the American-Israeli dual national citizen released from Gaza on Wednesday is "safe." Biden told reporters as he was boarding Air Force One to head home from Colorado that she was safe in Egypt, and that he spoke with her mother and father. She was one of 16 hostages released from Gaza Wednesday, ten of which were released in exchange for 30 Palestinian prisoners before the truce between Israel and Hamas is set to expire.        Secretary of State Antony Blinken will return to Israel and the West Bank this week with the goal of extending a temporary ceasefire in Gaza. While speaking from NATO's headquarters in Brussels today, Blinken said extending the pause will allow more hostages to get out and more humanitarian aid to get into the Gaza Strip. It will be Blinken's third trip to the region since Hamas launched a brutal attack on Israel in early October.        House Republicans are ramping up their impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer told reporters today several committees will interview members of the Biden family and their associates over the next few months. He said he'd welcome Hunter Biden to testify publicly at a future date.        Paul Whelan's brother says the detainee was attacked by another inmate at a Russian prison labor camp. David Whelan wrote to The Hill in an email that his brother was working at a sewing table when a prisoner blocked the production line, and attacked Whelan when he asked him to move. The other prisoner hit Whelan in the face and broke his glasses.        Gasoline prices have dropped for 61 consecutive days across the United States. The average price for a gallon of regular gas stood at three-dollar-twenty-five cents a gallon Wednesday, according to Triple-A. That's down five cents from a week ago and 26 cents from a month ago.        The FBI says an agent was carjacked in Washington D.C. Wednesday afternoon. The incident took place near Capitol Hill, with the victim saying two suspects took the car. Police later found the vehicle.