Governor McKee Nominates Katelyn Medeiros as Rhode Island’s Next Child Advocate


PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Dan McKee today announced Katelyn Medeiros, Esq., as his nomination for the State of Rhode Island's next Child Advocate.


“Katelyn is a proven and passionate leader who has championed the safety and well-being of Rhode Island children for more than a decade, including the last two years as our state’s acting director. We know she will serve Rhode Islanders well in this permanent role," said Governor Dan McKee


Medeiros has worked in the Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) since 2014 and has served as the state’s Acting Child Advocate since July 2022. As acting Child Advocate/Director, Medeiros’ accomplishments include re-establishing the OCA Advisory Committee and hiring an Educational Advocate. 


Medeiros was previously a staff attorney at the OCA and worked as a law clerk and associate at Rhode Island-based firms Motley Rice, LLC and the Law Office of Timothy Morgan, respectively. 


Medeiros is bar-certified in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and in the United States District Court of Rhode Island. She is a 2013 graduate of the Roger Williams University School of Law and completed her undergraduate degree at Rhode Island College.


“I am honored to be selected as Governor McKee’s nominee for Rhode Island’s next Child Advocate. During the last ten years, my passion and commitment to this important work has remained steadfast. I will provide continuity to the critical work of our office to ensure the best interest of all children experiencing our child welfare, children’s behavioral health, and juvenile justice systems," said Medeiros. "I am humbled by the overwhelming support I have received during my tenure as Acting Child Advocate from my dedicated colleagues at the OCA, as well as community and government partners committed to this important work. I believe we have momentum and look forward to identifying innovative solutions necessary for systemic reform.”


Medeiros’ name was selected from a list of names provided to the Governor by the statutory search committee in accordance with Rhode Island state law. 


Medeiros’ name will be submitted to the Rhode Island Senate for advice and consent.

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