College Workshop for Parents for Parents of High School Students in grades 9-11
Saturday, September 21st   1 PM to 3 PM
Woonsocket Harris Public Library


The Harris Library, 303 Clinton Street, is hosting a College Workshop for Parents of high school students in grades 9-11, on Saturday, September 19th from 1pm-3pm. This workshop is presented by Bob Sherman. Bob is the author of the book Surviving the Cost of College . He has written more than 65 financial and educational columns for the website When 28% of freshman drop out of college and 57% take six or more years to earn their degree, increasing the cost to graduate by thousands of dollars, it is crucial that parents select a college by matching their student’s interests, academic ability and personality traits to a school that will meet their needs. The first hour will cover topics on how to choose the right college such as: the top reasons students select a college and why those reasons often fail, finding the right college by comparing 12 critical key indicators and how to conduct a college visit with an open eye and a checklist. The second hour will discuss ways to a fund college education including federal dollars, Expected Family Contribution (EFC), and understanding FAFSA, practical solutions to reducing the cost of college, b orrowing money and payback scams and tax credits and tuition cost tax benefits


Sign up to register your spot now by calling the library at 401-767-4126. Please leave your name and contact phone number if no answer. Please bring a laptop to access a website. There will be a short break in between hours and light refreshments will be available. 




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