Woonsocket Dog Park Re-OPENS Monday, Under Expressed Caution to Play at Your Own Risk


Woonsocket, R.I.: City Officials happily announce the long-awaited re-opening of the Dog Park located at Rivers Edge Complex on Davison Avenue, after its temporary closure back in December.   Out of an abundance of caution the city chose to close the park due to a highly infectious, and sometimes fatal, respiratory illness that has been plaguing the Rhode Island canine population. 


While the illness is still being seen in veterinary offices, the numbers have greatly reduced, and the city, along with several surrounding communities, has decided to re-open the park for those who choose to visit.   We remind dog owners that the only common thread professionals were able to link to the illness was the commingling of dogs in areas like dog parks, shelters, kennels etc.     


The City and industry professionals offer “TIPS to playing as safely as possible”:   Make sure your canine is up to date on required vaccines, if they are sick or recovering from any illness Do NOT visit any areas where dogs mingle or play and Do NOT allow your dogs to share water bowls or toys. 


We are extremely happy and relieved to reopen!  Since its grand opening, the park has been the source of entertainment and healthy engagement for hundreds of owners and their furry companions.  Normal operating hours are DAILY 8am to Dusk. 



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